Hope Jeans

Hope started designing clothes at the age of nine. She ripped u her mother's leopard designer sheets to make "sarongs". By thirteen, she ruined the italian sunken bathtubs by dyeing men´s undershirts and wearing them as dresses.


Upon entering High School, after first giving some careful thought to the "warnings" her parents had given her regarding destroying the house, she went to the local flea markets in search of men´s Levis. She tore, distressed, painted and studded her jeans, then she figured out how to make a pais of jeans into a mini skirt. She finally had the look she wanted, but could never find.


That "LOOK" was a big hit in school everybody loved it and begged her to do the same thing to their jeans. Unfortunately, it didn´t go over that well with the administration. She was suspended for violating the dress code.


After gradiation, Hope enrolled in the University of Florida. In her free time, she designed and sold tee shirts to the campus boutique.


Upon leaving the University of Florida, Hope attended Florida International University, majoring in fashion design. While attending FIU Hope was inspired by the culture of the Seminole Indian Tribe. Her first collection was so successful, it opened the door to every high end boutique in Florida. She was only twenty three.


Over the past eighteen years, Hope's interest in design has grown to include children's wear. Hope has been featured on the cover of Children's Business and has had editorial spreads in Earnshaws, Kids Fashion, WWD, The New York Times, Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel and Ocean Drive Magazine. Her children's clothing line is featured as a couture item in boutiques all over the United States and at one time or another in four countries overseas.